How to use the PreHeat feature in the DynaTrol

Preheat Button

  1. The Preheat feature can be used with the EASY-FIRE mode only.
  2. When Preheat is in use, the temperature ramps up at 60°F/hour to 200°F and then holds at 200°F for the amount of time programmed.
  3. If you start at a room temperature of 70°F, then it will take about 1-1/2 hours to reach 200°F at which time the hold segment in the Preheat will start.
  4. Preheat is automatically set to zero during EASY-FIRE programming and at the end of each firing, so if a preheat stage is wanted, it must be reprogrammed for each cone firing.

Preheat Example: Set a preheat time of 3 hours.

  1. Remember: You must choose and program an EASY-FIRE profile first before you set the preheat time.
  2. IdLE, TC2, and a temperature must be flashing to start the programming of the PreHeat.
  3. Press the PreHeat Button.
  4. See Alternately flashing 0.00 and HLd.
  5. Enter the time in hours and minutes. For 3 hours it will be 03.00. Press 3, then 0 and 0 again.
  6. Hit ENTER
  7. The display will alternately flash IdLE, TC 2, and a temperature.
  8. The PreHeat is now programmed.
  9. When you press START/STOP the control will say -ON- and then start the PreHeat cycle. When the PreHeat cycle is done (say 3 hours in this example) the Easy-Fire program will start from the end of the PreHeat cycle.
  10. To confirm that the program is firing correctly press the Review Prog button while the program is actually running. 
  11. You will do something like S-bC (for Slow Bisque if that is the Easy-Fire program you are running), then PRHT, then the time that the PreHeat cycle is running, for instance, 3.00, then the cone you are firing to, and then various other kinds of information about your program.
  12. Note that once you are finished firing the program the PreHeat settings are erased. You must reprogram this every time you fire.