Do you need a kiln Downdraft Vent with a Hood Vent?

Three issues with venting a kiln

  1. Safety with fumes: you need to get any carbon monoxide and other fumes generated by the ceramic process out of the kiln and the room.
  2. Safety with heat: you need to remove heat from the kiln room. You must have ambient ventilation in a small room for heat and to remove fumes that may not be fully removed by the kiln vent. If you have a very large room that can dissipate heat and trace fumes then you may not need ambient ventilation.
  3. Kiln Performance: The ceramic process will generate corrosive fumes, steam, and acids from the combination of chemicals and water in the clay heated to high temperatures. This can be extremely corrosive to the kiln itself.


  1. The Vent-Sure is designed to remove fumes that are generated in the kiln from the kiln and therefore from the room. The Vent-Sure downdraft kiln vent does not remove enough heat from a small room to be used for ambient ventilation. 
  2. If you have a good overhead vent hood you may discharge the output of the Vent-Sure into that hood. However, an overhead vent or a room vent alone will not address the kiln performance issue. In fact, this can be such a problem corroding the kiln and reducing element life that we reflect this in our warranty.
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